Corporate and Personal Tax

Navigate Through the Complexities of Tax with Ease

With the constant changes in tax laws and reporting requirements, keeping your business compliant is not as easy as it seems.

At New Wave CPA, we believe that doing all the tax work on your own is not an efficient use of your time. By partnering with us, you can focus on growing your business and have peace of mind that your tax obligations are taken care of through our end-to-end tax support.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Tax Compliance Needs

As tax experts in Saskatoon and Victoria, New Wave CPA specializes in both corporate and personal tax services.

Whether you need help with year-end tax returns, annual financial statements, corporate T2 tax return, T1 personal tax return, T3 trust returns, estate taxes, and other corporate and personal statutory obligations, we’ve got you covered!

New Wave CPA offers practical advice that will help you avoid penalties due to inaccurate or late payment and take full advantage of what you’re entitled to claim.

Save Money Through Tax Planning

At New Wave CPA, we don’t just want to keep the tax authorities off your back. We want you to enjoy significant tax savings through our effective tax planning and tax reduction strategies.

When you engage with us, we will take the time to understand your financial position and work out a strategy to minimize your costs legally, so you can keep more for your business. Furthermore, our annual tax review will also ensure that you’ll be able to claim all that you’re entitled to.

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